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Branding Action Group

Attention: Small business owners, holistic practitioners, consultants, coaches and financial services professionals. It’s time to step into your light…

Are you tired of being your market’s best-kept secret, having too few clients or too many “problem” clients?

Wondering how to achieve your highest potential?

Imagine being the sought-after expert in your field, receiving premium fees, glowing testimonials and endless referrals.

You’d have built the highly profitable business of your dreams!
Let’s make it happen…

Samantha Hartley

Samantha Hartley

Hello Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners,

One crisp January afternoon I sat in a small conference room with three business partners huddled around our laptops and a flipchart.  We’d been working on their brand for about six weeks and had just uncovered their real brand value.  There was silence.

Then, one of them said quietly, “I think just 10 minutes ago we finally realized what it is we actually do.”

That made us laugh pretty hard and relief filled the room.  It had been a long hard slog for these left-brained guys to think about emotions, outcomes and benefits.  The same guy added:

“And now I can finally explain it to my wife, too!”

It was a triumphant moment, but it isn’twasn’t always that way for them…

Are You Trapped … Knowing You Can Help but Struggling to Explain
How You Help, Why You’re Special and What You Actually Do?

If you’re like most of my clients, you are passionate about helping people and are very good at what you do. So, why aren’t perfect clients beating a path to your door, insisting on doing business with you?

“Isn’t It Enough To Be Great At What I Do?”

Unfortunately, no.

You have to attract clients to you. That means both knowing your value and being able to express your value so they GET it. Your brand message then becomes an attractive promise that your services fulfill.

What do you want to be known for?  How do you get the word out about your services? If you aren’t clearly articulating how you help your clients and staying visible in front of them, you are going to struggle in your business

Are you experiencing any of these
7 Brand Issues of Small Businesses and Solopreneurs?

  1. I don’t get enough clients.
    • Your brand isn’t doing enough of the work for you.
  2. My clients drive me crazy–they’re not a good fit for me and my services.
    • Your target audience (part of your brand definition) is not well-defined, and you may be working with anyone who shows up.
  3. I’m not getting paid what I’m worth!
    • Your brand isn’t conveying your full value.
  4. I can never explain what I do so people get it right away.
    • No brand is worth a hoot unless you can form it into a message your perfect prospects will “get” immediately.
  5. I’m not sure what makes me unique.
    • A good brand will help you discern this.
  6. I’m good at many things, so I feel trapped by a brand.
    • The right brand will make focusing on your strengths feel natural and expansive.
  7. People seem to love my services, but then I don’t get very many referrals.
    • They probably don’t know what to say. A good brand message will put the words in their mouths, and they’ll happily refer you to their colleagues and friends.

If so, there’s bad news: Doing what you’ve been doing and trying even harder won’t improve the situation.  And there’s good news:

You Can Build A Thriving Business With Way Less Effort by Marketing with Integrity!

“That class was worth its weight in gold!”

“BRAG was GREAT. I’m actually glad to have worked with a group (vs. direct coaching) because I was able to learn from the experiences of the group members too.

My business is much steadier, steadily UP that is! I would absolutely recommend Samantha – and have – to everyone I know who has a business. My partner was marveling over the increase in sales and said “that class was worth its weight in gold!”

I said, “Just wait till I manage to implement the OTHER HALF of what I learned!”

What I liked best about working with Samantha was her systematic approach to marketing. Second was her in-depth understanding of brand and marketing of product as well as service business. I needed expertise. I got it with Samantha.

Many folks think they don’t have time or money right now. The time and money are SO WORTH IT.

Samantha, in a world seemingly full of ‘coaches’ who seem to be very in love with their own charisma, your approach, manner and expertise is a WELCOME and worthwhile investment!”

G. Wilkerson
Limbertwig Press

In my business, Enlightened Marketing, I specialize in helping socially responsible businesses to thrive using effective marketing that aligns with their values.

My clients are amazed to learn that good marketing is about being real — being honest about what’s wonderful about their business.

Brand: A clear, compelling, authentic and profitable identity that paves the way to the business of your dreams”

When you brand your business for the first time, you’ll see your marketing generating results like never before. If you’ve done well so far in your business, you’ll be able to skyrocket your success by raising your prices, streamlining your marketing and — with more powerful brand messages — get even better results, with less spending and less effort.

The Enlightened Marketing Branding Action Group

Get ready for a business breakthrough as you embark on your branding journey in a fun, intensive, supportive community: The Enlightened Marketing Branding Action Group.

I’ll be very honest with you. It was a big step for me to reveal the secrets of a system I began learning 15 years ago at The Coca-Cola Company, then spent over 10 years perfecting in my work branding small businesses owned by holistic practitioners, consultants, coaches, financial services professionals and many, many others.

But, after seeing the relief, joy and increased income so many of my clients experience when they finally get in touch with their brand … I had to share it with more business owners.

“The Branding Action Group Was a Phenomenal Experience”

We had a really good group of people in the Branding Action Group. I felt like I was in the right place. It was challenging; it was expanding for me. It challenged me to think in new ways about my whole perspective on branding, my business, and what I do.

The Branding Action Group has reshaped the way I communicate with clients. Through the whole class … I was in the process of growing and being challenged to explore things and go to a depth I’d never gone to before. It was absolutely the right place for me, and she was the right person.

I would refer Samantha to people who are looking to move forward with their business with a strong brand they can talk about with confidence.

Steve Hendon
Practice to Business

When you complete the Enlightened Marketing Branding Action Group, you’ll be empowered to:

  • Clearly express your value with an attention-getting, authentic brand identity
  • Attract a steady stream of loyal, perfect clients (you can fire the rest!) who’ll value you, provide testimonials and refer their friends
  • Ask for and receive full value for your services (even premium prices)
  • Realize your highest vision for what your business can achieve
  • Build a sustainable, profitable business that’s a JOY to own!

“The Value I’m Getting Back Is Just Phenomenal”

“I would totally recommend the Branding Action Group to any solo entrepreneur. It was exciting. Samantha, from the very beginning, reassured all of us that we would get the attention we needed, and it was a very supportive group.

I ended up loving the fact that [the other members] weren’t from my field. They brought a whole new perspective to my business and for my branding that I hadn’t thought about.

Samantha was definitely delivering on her promises. Our classes were very thorough. She had a good plan of action. I can’t tell you how jealous some of my friends are from all the information I got from the BRAG class. By the time it as done, I had a brand, I had a marketing plan, and a timeline for getting it done.

Even though I’m a small business owner, I’m just starting up, and my marketing budget is like zero, it was so worth the investment in the Branding Action Group and doing the Continuing Enlightenment Mastermind & Action Circle.”

Gabriela Burgman
Claiming Space

“Are you ready to work only with loyal,
perfect clients who pay full price?

To spend more time doing what you
LOVE and less time selling?”

If so, then The Enlightened Marketing Branding Action Group is for you!

How the Branding Action Group works:

I designed the Branding Action Group to maximize personal interaction, convenience and powerful results for on-the-go business owners. This isn’t one of those “you and 500 others on the line” calls with only a small chance of personal feedback. Maximum group size is 15, so you can be sure you’ll get the one-to-one attention, feedback, and results you need.

This SMALL GROUP, INTENSIVE Branding Action Group consists of:

CORE CURRICULUM: The Branding Action Group Live Sessions ($3000 value)

In eight interactive, 75-minute teleclasses over four months (May-August) we’ll develop the brand identity and marketing messages that will attract your perfect clients along with the strategies you’ll use to communicate them.

We use proven brand development techniques, simple market research, thought-provoking self-discovery exercises and fill-in-the-blank templates to bring your brand to light.

The 7 Steps to a Clear, Compelling, Authentic and Profitable Brand we cover:


You’ll boost your 2010 results with brand clarity and confidence!

BONUS #1: Private Members-Only Discussion Forum Using Online Collaboration Software, Basecamp (priceless!)

Imagine an excited, supportive peer group learning alongside you, encouraging you and holding you accountable to your highest vision for yourself and your business. You’ll be amazed, as I am, at the caliber and character of people who invest in their brands and join you on the journey.

Network with other group members, post questions, test ideas and collect feedback on your marketing materials! Yes, I personally give feedback and answer questions on this site.

Your Guide through Basecamp is my protégé, Andy Andrews, who manages the discussions and ensures every question gets answered. A brilliant marketer, copywriter and brand expert in his own right, Andy’s gift for simplifying marketing will astound you.

Past members consider this group interaction a transformational experience – like having a focus group, mastermind group and accountability partnership all rolled into one. The relationships formed are powerful and valuable.

BONUS #2: “Build Your Brand with…” Series—Live Expert Interviews ($197 value)

Get a front-row seat for live interviews on hot topics. These experts reveal how you can make the most of these strategies to get your brand known.

June 22nd: “Build Your Brand with a Book.” In this lively panel discussion three published authors, each of whom took a different route to publishing, will share their experiences and advice for those considering self-publishing and publishing through small or large press. They’ll also discuss how being a published author has helped them to build their brands, get speaking engagements and attract more clients.

Carol McClelland, PhD, Founder and Executive Director of Green Career Central is author of three books, most recently Green Careers for Dummies — Your Guide to the Green Economy.

Lisa Nirell, Chief Energy Officer of EnergizeGrowth® LLC is author of Energize Growth NOW: The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company through John Wiley & Sons.

Stephen Moulton, President and Chief Insight Officer of Action Insight is author of The CEO’s Advantage—7 Keys for Hiring Extraordinary Leaders.

July 20th: “Build Your Brand with Community: Become a Hub.” What if your business was a hub for your community? By becoming a hub, you create a virtuous, self-reinforcing, collaborative, upward spiral which grows the whole “scene.” Instead of being a searchlight looking for clients, you become a lighthouse drawing them in. Instead of being a guest in the community, you become a host.

Tad Hargrave is a pioneer and documentor of the Pay What You Can Economy, in which people decide on the price tag themselves. One of his passions is how to build our businesses by building communities around them. Tad is a ‘marketing consultant for hippies,’ bringing refreshing and unorthodox ideas to conscious entrepreneurs and green businesses that help them grow (without selling their souls).

August 18th: “Build Your Brand by Tripling Your Referrals.” Everybody loves referrals but are you getting as many as you want? Learn how to position yourself as a referral-based business, develop a Referral Positive Mindset, make yourself referable, create a Referral Action Plan and more. If you follow the steps you’ll learn in this call, Dan promises you can triple your referrals in the next 90 days.

Dan Grandstaff of helps service professionals build successful businesses that fit their lives, so they can make more money, have more fun, and make more of a difference. Dan is the author of Speaking as a Professional: Enhance Your Therapy or Coaching Practice through Presentations, Workshops, and Seminars and co-author with Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, et. al., of Create the Business Breakthrough You Want.

Bonus #3: The Enlightened Marketing Brand Roadmap ($497 value)

Follow along with this interactive guidebook and the audio resources included with it as we develop your brand.

The comprehensive, no-fluff Enlightened Marketing Brand Roadmap is a 150-page PDF manual filled with all the exercises, strategies and resources you’ll need to discover your brand and build the business of your dreams.

Members return to the materials year after year to plan their business, refine their brand messages and launch new brands.

Bonus #4: Online archive with Downloadable MP3 recordings of all sessions ($147 value)

If you miss a class, or want to review a call, you can do so at any time—forever! Great for reviewing the wording on your marketing messages—who can take notes that fast?!

Bonus #5: Personal Coaching Session: “Brand Positioning and Strategy Review” ($350 value)

Samantha Hartley 2In your private one-on-one consultation, we will zero in on your unique brand value (USP) in a written positioning statement and cover how to communicate it in an audio logo.

My gift is perceiving unique strengths, harmonizing them under one brand umbrella and helping you articulate that value in ways that get the attention of your perfect clients.

I’d love to help you share your brand story with the world and get the clients you deserve!

That’s $4,200 of VALUE in this program at minimum!

“I LOVED My Branding Action Group Experience! Samantha Is SO Gifted”

BRAG has helped me bypass a lot of newbie false starts that I otherwise would have had to struggle through on my own. I am definitely far more clear on what I want to convey to my target market.

I really like the combination of practical tools with the fun and visionary tools. I also like the group dynamic and everyone’s feedback and participation.

If you need help creating a stronger marketing plan and presence, then BRAG can really help with that. Samantha has given me tons to think about, but I’m motivated and I’m moving forward using the tools and encouragement she has given me.

Emiko Jaffe
Weight Loss from the Inside Out

Caution: For serious, committed
business owners only

This group is not for everyone. It’s small, interactive, honest and results-oriented. You will get personal attention from Samantha and the other group members to provide you with direction, support and accountability.

You must be willing and able to make a contribution to others with your presence, involvement and feedback. If you don’t want a group experience, talk to me about working individually. If you’re not interested in a transformational experience, please do not join.

When group members make a commitment to be there for each other, a lot of magical things can happen. In addition to great ideas and insights, there is also networking, business building, accountability partnerships and deep friendships. You won’t have to be a lonely business owner any longer!

Before you ask how much it costs,
I have a question for YOU.

What’s it costing YOU in lost opportunities NOT to have a clear, compelling, differentiated business identity?

How much are you losing EVERY YEAR because you aren’t attracting enough attention, engaging your perfect customers and justifying your prices?

How much COULD you earn if you charged top dollar to perfect clients who returned repeatedly, referred their friends and were a JOY to work with?

OK, that’s three questions, but you get my point ;-)

Look, if you don’t have a good strong business identity, all of your marketing efforts are wasted.

Not having a brand is like sending out stamped envelopes without addresses or anything inside.

MONEY BACK, NO RISK GUARANTEE: If you attend all the sessions and do all the homework but feel you have not gotten your money’s worth, I will return your fees. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose!

What it would take to recoup your investment?

  • A few new, perfect clients?
  • The price increase you so richly deserve?
  • Reduced time spent on marketing due to a clear, compelling marketing message?

These are all predictable outcomes of the Branding Action Group!

You’ve read this far?

Join us! The only thing you have to lose is struggle and anonymity. Let’s welcome the abundance you deserve.

With highest intentions for your success,

P.S. The Branding Action Group is for you if…

  1. You can’t stand ONE MORE DAY of missing out on your potential
  2. You truly want to help more people with your business
  3. You’re ready to exchange anonymity and hard work for a steady stream of ideal clients
  4. You’re willing to accept a lot more money, success and freedom into your life! Join the Group today!

P.P.S. Transform your reality. Get a jump-start with an irresistible new brand.

Still Undecided?

Ask me any question about the Enlightened Marketing Branding Action Group and I’ll help you decide if it’s right for you. Or, fill in the form to let me know you’d like a 20-minute no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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Amy CarperSamantha pointed out my strengths and confirmed the uniqueness of what I do for people. This helped build my confidence as a business owner and as an artist. I love that part of her that’s so not corporate America.

She’s always asking, ‘are you doing what you’re passionate about and doing it with integrity?’

Samantha understands me and she’s honest with me. She knows what she’s doing and loves small businesses. It’s very personal. She’s worth every penny we’ve paid her.”

Amy Carper
Carper Creative Photography

Carol McClelland
The weekly activities inspired a new way of looking at my business and my brand. Every single activity took my understanding of my own business to a new level.

I’ve booked seven speaking engagements in a six-week window. Each speaking engagement is to a group I targeted during the branding work.

Before you spend a lot of time trying to figure it out yourself, invest in the Branding Action Group with Samantha.

You’ll walk away with a clearer sense of your business, a powerful way to market, and the confidence to take the steps to create a thriving business.

Carol McClelland, PhD
Founder and Executive Director
Green Career Central

Kristie Rosset“Samantha Hartley is a ball of fire. She’s brilliant … a marketing genius in ways that are true and whole. She takes a holistic approach so it’s not just about ‘getting more.’ She helped us clarify our vision and identify our target audience so that our marketing efforts are more focused.

Not only are we experiencing higher occupancy this year than we ever have, but the inn is filled with our perfect guests — people who enjoy one another and who make our work enjoyable.

Since we hired Samantha we’ve actually reduced our marketing budget. We’re spending less and having better results. You can’t afford not to call Samantha.”

Kristie Rosset, Owner/Innkeeper
Lookout Point Lakeside Inn
Hot Springs, AR

Kathy BennettSamantha is great at helping you create your specific message, to reach the people that really want your services. She really is enabling you to go out and do your marketing on your own at some point; you don’t have to keep going back to somebody else to do your marketing. You can become your own marketing expert for your business.

Kathy Bennett
Inside Answers

Lisa NirellAfter working with Samantha, I feel much more confident about the strength of my brand. It stands on its own to the point where my fees are at least 20-30% higher than I would have charged a year ago. I’m really proud of the EnergizeGrowth® brand.

If a company doesn’t hire Samantha to help them with their brand, not only are they leaving money on the table, but they’re ignoring the emotion and the passion that fuels their business.

Lisa Nirell
Chief Energy Officer
EnergizeGrowth® LLC

Angela Treat LyonSamantha’s amazingly simple, yet dynamic process leads you through your various problems and solutions, while at the same time instilling deep understanding of what branding is and why it’s so important to your business.

My life has become more simple and much brighter as a result of taking her course, and I refer back to the materials often. Anyone who wants to pop his success up a quantum notch would be well-advised to take advantage of Samantha’s extensive knowledge and expertise.

Angela Treat Lyon

Yota SchneiderThrough Samantha’s guidance I was able to define my brand and create an implementation action plan. I became excited again about my business. As a result of the work we did, I have been able to look at my marketing efforts with a different set of eyes. I feel less anxious, I have a great audio logo, and I feel confident and energized.

The Roadmap is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to yourself as a business owner. Samantha is great at what she does and her knowledge, focus, and no-nonsense approach can make all the difference for someone who is trying to pinpoint their brand and create a sound marketing strategy.

Samantha, thank you. The work we did together made a huge difference for me and I am not referring to my brand alone. Yes, I have a clear brand and, with your guidance, the way I talk and write about it flows easily, but the most important change is the way I began to look at myself, my skills, and my talents. No matter what happens with Open for Success, this will always be a landmark for me.

Yota Schneider

Are you tired of being your market’s best kept secret?