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There is marketing psychology behind the Small, Medium, Large concept.

While sipping a frozen latte, PR consultant Kelli shared a problem.

“Amazing,” I thought. “I’ve been focusing on this all month with my Inner Circle members. Does EVERYONE struggle with this?”

The problem of a single offer

Kelli is a consultant who only sells one thing: her time. The advice and service she delivers during that time is very valuable to her clients, but –-

There are only so many hours in the day, and days in a month.

I’ll bet you know other issues here, since nearly all the consultants and coaches I meet have them, too:

1. The barrier to start working with her is too high.Because there is only one service, a client must invest at least $1000 to even try the service.

2. Not working, not earning.When you sell time-based services, you have to work a lot. Vacations and sick days are not compensated. In Kelli’s case her clients are local and expect her to see them in person. That makes it impossible to plan a summer in the country or the winter in Florida.

3. Kelli’s impact is limited.Because she can serve only a few clients each year with her premium service, she isn’t able to help everyone who needs her service but can’t invest at the highest level. She loves to work with non-profits but should she turn down higher-paying clients to make room for them in her schedule?

The solution is easier than you think

You should have seen Kelli’s face the first time I told her about the multiple revenue streams in my business, which allow me to serve way more clients than I could working only one-on-one.
In addition to location independence, which allows us to live for months at a time in other parts of the country, I also make sales while I’m goofing off or away on vacation.

But it’s not just about passive revenues. Having group programs, like The Client Attraction Club, allow me to provide personal feedback and coaching to individuals studying our curriculum. Because my time is so focused, my members get maximum results (some eye-popping!) and the investment is a small fraction of what private clients invest.

The First Steps to Multiple Offers

As I mentioned, I’ve been creating 2012 marketing plans with our Inner Circle members, and all of them include developing compelling new offers.

In some cases there are no offers at all. As was the case with me in my early years as a consultant, I just asked clients what they needed, then worked to help them achieve that. Instead of applying a tested and proven system, I created a new approach every time.

That’s not ideal for you or the client. Consulting or coaching can be hard to sell. A system that gets predictable results? You’ll find that has a much higher perceived value, delivers better and more consistent results, AND is more profitable for you (application, not re-invention).

So, step 1 is:

1. Craft your proprietary system, approach or methodology. This is your current offer, but structured.

For example, I use the same basic, 7-step approach whether I’m branding a service business, a church, an event or a city. It delivers consistent results that I can promise to my clients. All my other programs are curriculum (system) based.

2. Design multiple offers based on this system. Because I came out of beverage marketing, I think a lot in terms of Small, Medium and Large. However, you can also think of low-touch, medium-touch and high-touch, or Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

If you’re like Kelli – and literally 99.9% of service professionals – you have one Large, High-Touch offer that goes to everyone regardless of level. You may not even have it formed as an offer, but simply awaiting a need and crafting a solution anew every time.

Just reading this is going to bring up both questions and ideas for you, so share them in the Comments below.

I’d love to know what you see as your next steps, or what help you need to diversify your offers so you can help more clients and earn more, while having more time off.

Photo credit: A variety of turtles, courtesy of Inha Leex Hale

P.S. Feeling stirred up by what you’ve read? Contact me to find out how we can help you craft your proprietary system and design multiple offers, so you can get more from your business in 2012.