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Not in the traditional sense. She cannot tell a joke.

She forgets key parts or tells it out of order. Or is laughing so hard herself that we can’t understand it.

No, the funniest thing my mom does is imagine the world’s most illogical worst-case-scenarios.

Like when she realized there would be a ferry to take to visit me on Martha’s Vineyard, she texted me, “OH NO!!! Your father can’t swim!”

Suddenly she’d gone from scenic ferry in paradise to The Titanic.

Here’s one of her best:

There was a snake crossing the road. I was driving. She said, “Don’t roll over it! You could get venom on the tire and then if you touch the tire later, you could get venom on your fingers and then  …”

And then what? We could die? What was she thinking?!

She is a hoot. Must be a Southern worrying mom thing.

Yeah … I got a little of it from her.

The path to more clients and income online brought it out in me.

What if no one wants my program? What if that ad campaign does not work?

My husband refers to it as “And then they all died.”

Whenever I make some statement of irrational fear, he’ll say that. It reminds me that no, we won’t die.

When I’m talking to clients about this, I remember – these fears are not funny – they are real.

A lot of things do NOT work and that IS frustrating.

Which doesn’t change two important facts:

  1. Some approaches to getting more clients and income online DO work
  2. Fear of bad results is very real AND illogical

You put on a workshop and no one comes? I’ve done that and didn’t die. I’ve also had a packed room or two.

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You make an infoproduct that sells poorly. Yep, done that, too. But now thousands of dollars come in each month from my infoproducts. And I didn’t die.

You invest in something and it doesn’t work out? You’ll learn the BEST lessons that way. Believe me, I have.

This is not to make light of your fears, even if they are illogical. I know they are so real that they can stop you in your tracks.

But I choose to be your advocate. Your clients need your help. What helped me move from paralyzing fear to client-getting action was having a trusted, expert guide. I’m talking about hands-on, done-with-you mentoring.

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Perfectly safe photo ferry by Mark Faviell Photos