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One day this Spring, I was scrolling through the podcasting section of iTunes.

I saw there was a podcast about knitting and found that amusing because, well, it’s a podcast. About knitting.

Imagine my surprise when I started to scroll and found over 175 more (!!) with names like:

  • Knitting Brooklyn
  • The Expectant Knitter
  • Caffeinated Knitting
  • Commuter Knitter

I mean, really. Knitting?

Let’s be clear – I’m not making fun of knitting podcasts (okay, just a little) … I listen to geeky podcasts too. My most recent find is the Bad Dog Agility podcast – about agility training for dogs. ;)

Knitting Podcasts Offer a Valuable Marketing Lesson for Experts and Entrepreneurs


What might not be obvious at first is that each of those knitting podcasts is a marketing lesson for experts and entrepreneurs looking to get more clients and income online. That’s because the title tells even more clearly whom the podcast is for.

The niche or specialty: KNITTING

The target audience: Brooklynites, expectant moms, coffee fans, knitters on the train, etc.

There’s one big thing to know about transitioning your consulting or coaching business online:

You gotta focus like a laser beam.

Think about your favorite podcast (Got one? Share it in a comment below).

Is it focused on a narrow specialty and niche?

Offline differs a bit from online marketing

Would you need to do this in your town of 12,000? No, because it might limit your audience unnecessarily.

In my town there were no other marketing consultants. I didn’t need to narrowly focus. But when I went online …

Phew. It seemed like every other site was offering exactly what I do for my clients. That’s when I tightened my specialty to Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages and my target audience to socially responsible solopreneurs.

When I did that, I attracted a steady stream of clients, customers and JV partners who were an exact fit. And, my business profited enormously.

When you move your business online, a narrowly-focused niche and specialty are a must. They allow you to cull through the millions in your tribe to drill down to those who are an exact fit for you. That’s what people are searching for – a very precise match for their needs.

Remember, too, that your specialty might be so blindingly obvious to you that it’s hard to put it in words!

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Photo by ronholpic