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The other day I was munching on some berries and thinking how odd it was.

Odd that it parallels a critical lesson in my business.

Odd that I hadn’t bought them in a store, but instead got them here:

Yep, off a bush in the park.

Odd that just a few months ago, I wouldn’t have noticed the berries, much less have thought, “Hey, I think I’ll eat those!”

I’ve learned that about 50% of red berries are poisonous. And as you might be able to see in the photo, there are two kinds here.

So, did I just feel lucky that day? ;)

Nope, I’ve been studying native plants and gardening with a mentor – a naturalist. She helped me identify this same bush in my yard as Elaeagnus and told me the berries were edible.

Once upon a time some poor soul had to rely on trial and error to see if these berries were poisonous, but fortunately, we no longer have to chance it. Health is too important.

And so is the health of your business.

The two bushes made me think of all the risks I don’t have to take, because helpful people took me under their wings along the way.

Mentors propelled me along in quantum leaps.

When I was at corporate, a bright young consultant talked with me about setting fees. About a year later, I used her advice on a proposal for my first client.

When I needed to build a website but had no idea where to start, a mentoring program helped me crank it out and get it launched. I still remember the first time I got a client from it!

When I was working really hard yet still getting crushed by the revenue roller coaster, investing $25K in a mentor helped me change my business model and double my income. Yes, double.

Sure, I’ve eaten some poisonous berries along the way.

Some stuff I tried did not work at all, because the mentors could not adapt their advice to my field. Some things worked but created outcomes I just didn’t want.

And it was hard for some mentors to understand my values. I want to share those with you, but before I do …

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And you’ll hear about my new hands-on, done-with you mentoring program. You’ll have the chance to decide whether the program is a fit, but also whether I am the right mentor for you.

I may or may not be the right mentor for you. Only you can decide.

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Here are some criteria I have used to find my best leaders and guides:

  • Is she/he an expert in the area? I didn’t ask my neighbor or the schoolgirls jogging in the park about the berries. I asked a naturalist (scientist).
  • Is she/he walking the talk? If they’re talking about getting high-end clients or earning passive revenue, do they have these going themselves?
  • Does she/he have a business model and a lifestyle you want to model? Some people want an empire; others want to meet their tribe at big live events; still others want to do everything virtually. You’re more likely to get what you need following the model of someone who created the business YOU want.
  • Does she/he share – and act from – your values?

The values that drive me most in my business are joy, integrity and effectiveness.

If I don’t “in-joy” it, I ain’t doin’ it – plain and simple.

A mentor once exclaimed, upon hearing about my high-end engagements, that I should just do “custom, in-house consulting engagements and make millions of dollars!” No, thanks. I am not motivated by money; and those jobs are not all joyful.

Integrity means honesty, sure. But to me it’s more about alignment of thought, word and deed. I walk my talk, don’t give advice I don’t follow and act in accordance with my values. You know that isn’t always easy, but it’s a spiritual journey I’m on every day. ;)

Finally, effectiveness. I believe things should work. If it’s not effective, why do it? Struggle isn’t character-building; it’s unnecessary. A priority in my business is simplifying what we teach and supporting our clients so things work even better for them with a shorter learning curve and less effort.

Hence the tagline you see in every email:

Enlightened Marketing offers effective marketing techniques to increase sales and attract perfect clients without selling out on your values.

Are you in touch with your top values? I’d love for you to share them with me in a comment below. Then head over and sign up for our webinar, on which you can assess with me your business’s readiness to transition to getting more clients and income online.

Click here to reserve your spot on the webinar, “Get More Clients and Income Online.”

Yep, this is not a one-way presentation, so roll up your sleeves and come ready to work!

P.S. It might seem crazy that I’ve invested $10K-$25K in mentors over the years. But I’d rather have the quantum leap than trial and error.