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It’s Thanksgiving week! And I’m already cooking. :)

I’ll be heading to the in-laws’ place and I’m taking a Southern cranberry chutney (with half the sugar of that recipe).

I wanted to give thanks and share my list of the top 5 things I’m grateful for in my business.

I’d love to hear yours, too – pop one or two in a comment below.

I’m so grateful for …

1. My clients, customers, group members and all those in our subscriber community. I get to work with the most purpose-driven, passionate, generous coaches, consultants, experts and entrepreneurs. I count many amongst my very dearest friends.

2. Andy. I met my Director of Marketing, Andy Riegler Andrews, back when he was in college at a Meet-n-Greet with local entrepreneurs. It was as if a Divine Spotlight shone on him, pointing out the person who’d enrich my work and make it funner and lighter through his contribution.

Our closest mentoring clients who’ve seen behind the scenes how we work together will often say with envy, “I’ve got to get an Andy of my own.” ;)

3. The Internet. I traveled the world in my 20s, and the Internet has helped me maintain my global perspective ever since. I love knowing that we have clients and team members all over, although it does make watching the news a bit more stressful sometimes.

From the day I put a foot into BOTH worlds – marketing in the offline world as well as online – my business began to consistently bring in money. That allowed me to hop off the revenue roller coaster and focus on generating value for my clients.

4. Systems. Not having systems is like waking up and figuring everything out from scratch, every single day. I often joke that people take a list to the grocery store and print out driving directions for a trip to a new place … but they work in their businesses without so much as a plan, a process map or a checklist!

I’m grateful for systems I created that help my clients to craft their messages and attract clients to their business consistently. I love having templates and checklists that help us all know what to do or say. And I couldn’t be where I am today – having freedom and peace of mind in my business – without a system that allows for automated marketing and delivery of some of our most popular programs.

5. Mentors. I can’t imagine the YEARS of time and the stress of learning curve I saved by just going straight to people who knew how to create the business I dreamed of. They’ve been an unconventional lot – not always the obvious ones – but always those who were masters of what I wanted to do better.

Sometimes I revised my whole business based on their advice, but in other cases, I simply took one small puzzle piece which made the whole picture come to life.

OK, your turn. What are you most grateful for in your business this year?

photo credit: marynbtol via photopin cc