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Seoul, Korea.

I was scheduled to go there for a business trip from the Atlanta corporate office to help local marketing peeps.

I’d asked my boss for a few extra days to stop over in Arkansas where my 2-year old nephew would be visiting.

A few days later I was awakened by an adorable, impish face peeking in as he opened the door slowly. I can be cranky when I first wake up, but this day I was bowled over by the cuteness. “Guud Morrr-ninggg,” he said with his little Russian accent.

It was the sound that broke the spell – and ended my days at corporate.

After two years of politics, idiocy, overwork, a sociopathic boss, toxic manicures and commuting, I had a realization.

“Oh! I’m never going back there again.”

I had the best week in Seoul, returned to corporate, cleaned out my desk and left.

Ten+ years later….

I’ve loved reading on Facebook the thoughts you shared with me about what multiple streams of revenue would mean for you.

I had flashbacks to my own journey.

I too dreamed of less time at work and more with my family. My amazing nephew was my literal wake-up call!

I too dreamed of creating a better world and doing more of what I was called to do.

I too dreamed of making more money with less stress, more joy and more freedom.

Today I live the life I dreamed of back then. I can work from anywhere, with clients located all over the world. If I take a week off, my business still earns money. I do the activities I love and delegate the rest to my team.

So can you.

I never deal with a boss, traffic or manicures. And every year my business actually gets simpler.

I’d like to show you the quickest path from where you are to where I am. You’ve read about the paradigm shifts you need to make.

You’re ready for this. <– Sign up here for my free webinar, “Get More Clients and Income Online.”

Did you get a wake-up call that launched your entrepreneurial journey? I’d love to read about it in a comment below.

photo credit: Peter Alfred Hess via photopin cc