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One day I was riding around Los Angeles with my Russian friend Sergei. As he turned into an open spot to parallel park, I laughed and teased him about being a “nose-first” parker.

Instead of laughing back or even being annoyed at me, he gasped and turned to face me.

“That’s not how you do it?” he asked. Then he suddenly LEAPT from the car.

“Show me how to do it right!” he implored, opening my door.

Surprised, I walked around the car and sat down in the drivers seat. In the next three minutes, I showed Sergei how to pull up all the way even with the car in front of the spot you want, shift into reverse, crank the wheel and in one smooth motion, take your parking spot.

He was beside himself with delight.

It turns out, no one had ever shown him HOW to parallel park before. Not only did he not know how to … he didn’t even know there was anything to know about it!

Do you know what you don’t know?

That makes me think of those coaches and consultants who are just starting their businesses. They often have an unusually difficult time in the first few months – or longer! – because they simply don’t know what there is to know.

They don’t have someone showing them how thriving coaches do it.
They don’t have a have a mentor to turn to with questions.
They don’t have support and accountability to keep going when it gets tough.

Well I’ve got news for you…

Instead of struggling along, trying to figure it all out yourself, there’s better option.

attract more clients

The Client Attraction Club

It’s the only coaching club that guarantees you clients. And when you enroll today, you can join me next week for your first Q&A call.

Lesson #1 is a “quick start,” so who knows… you might have already attracted a new client by the time the Q&A call rolls around next week.

When he realized there was a better way, Sergei LEAPT into action. If you know it should be easier, invest in your business today. Enroll now in The Client Attraction Club – the only coaching club that guarantees you clients.

Photo of poor parking taken by our Director of Marketing, Andy Riegler Andrews