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It was my very first week on the job.

As part of my new employee orientation at corporate back in the late 90s, I was sent to New York City for one day.

It was a financial analysts meeting. Completely boring except for two memorable things:

  • The very cute suit I was wearing, to make sure I felt super confident at my big meeting. ;)
  • The rudest person I ever encountered while networking.
It was about 8 am, and the meeting was held in a beautiful space – a club that was more “tea room” than hotel lobby. People were milling about, and I could read their name tags – financial journalists and analysts from well-known newspapers and banks.

Finally, I saw a guy who looked familiar. I looked closer, and sure enough his badge revealed a name I recognized. He was one of the top officers at The Coca-Cola Company.

“I’ll go meet him!” I thought to myself. I walked straight over to him and said something goofy like, “We work at the same company!”

Mr. X didn’t smile and make eye contact…

Or say “hello” …

Or even cast a general look of disdain in my direction.

He just walked away as if I were not there.

I think when nervous networkers wonder about the worst thing that could happen to them while networking, they imagine some sort of public humiliation – like someone important refusing to acknowledge their presence.

Bah. It’s no big thing.

Maybe I was just feeling especially confident in my cute suit, but when Mr. Rude Head-Honcho blew me off, I just snort-giggled to myself and thought, “What a big honking jerk.”

The truth is, the worst thing that can happen to you when networking is just plain rudeness.

Well, I know you can handle someone who is just plain-old rude.

And there’s too many wonderful things that can happen to you when networking to choose just one best thing!

You can…

  • Meet potential clients (and make follow-up appointments to get to know them!)
  • Find new referral partners
  • Meet someone whose help YOU need
  • Hear about new developments in your city
  • Enjoy yourself so much you forget you’re marketing…
All those things make networking my favorite method for getting clients fast.

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Has anyone ever been a hilariously rude jerk to you while networking? I’d love to snerk with you in a comment below.