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I’m moving house several thousand miles away, so is my business partner Andy, who happens to live in another country. And I’ve been snowed in here the past two days. Ideal conditions for overwhelm? No, just another week for an entrepreneur. :)

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

People who want to be whelmed (not over-whelmed) usually don’t pursue the off-road adventure which is entrepreneurship. They take jobs, like normal people.

I’m not sure what a normal day is for an entrepreneur.

When you are pursuing a calling, as I am and probably you, too, we move towards a vision of something that doesn’t exist yet.

We listen for guidance to reveal the way. Others who are a few steps further along point out the road and the potholes. But you still have to walk it.

Protect your big YES by saying “no” more often

There are ALL KINDS of distractions on the path to your vision. The road is littered with shiny pennies and those crouched over picking them up.

Just say no.

When you say YES to your big vision, you have to say “no” to so many other things, some important, which don’t serve the vision:

  • Relationships that take more than they give
  • Obligations that somehow entangled you
  • Cool, exciting opportunities you’re simply not ready for
  • Neat things to learn that can’t be used right now
  • And more…

Don’t try to do 5 things at once. Eliminate distractions and energy drains. Commit to self-care, support systems and, most important:


But what about the 3000 emails you have “banked” to read later? What about the new webinar about the new thing? What about that one course you bought and never went through?

Delete them. Skip it. Go back to it when you need it.

Your job is to know your NEXT step and take it


The one thing that does not move your business forward is 8 things in progress. Choose the ONE next step you will complete – each week, each day, each work session – and focus on that.

How to choose?

Discernment – your emotions, rational decision-making process, energy or all the above will point to the next thing you should complete.

I enrolled in a new program recently because it was my next step – something I need right now and have been looking for everywhere. I have not enrolled in 4 other programs because I just had “fuzziness” around them. When I saw this offer, I had clarity.

Does that mean I’ll have clarity around COMPLETION of this?

Not likely! I’ll need discipline, structure and, possibly, an accountability partner. But I am clear that it’s my next step.

What is your next step?

Your next step moves you toward your vision, gives you energy and resonates as “next” when you think about it.

My job is to help you towards your vision with advice, inspiration and resources. Your job is to lock in on where you’re going, discover what your next step is … and take it.

A spiritual teacher is the one who told me, “Your job is to know your NEXT step and take it.” When I said, “I’d really like to know the next 5, so I can plan better,” he replied, “You’re on a need-to-know basis from the Universe.”

So, what’s your one next step?