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When I re-branded my consulting business in 2004 as Enlightened Marketing, I was scared to death.

“Coming out” as a business owner who incorporated spirituality into my corporate marketing background was about the hardest thing I’d ever done.

I worried about alienating potential clients and all my business contacts. Would they think I was a flake and ostracize me?

My concern seemed to center around one person in particular, an accountant I’d been working with named Mike. I imagined him learning about my new brand and dismissing me forever as a kook who’d gone off the rails.

Writing the 500-word home page of my web site, which took me about 7 hours, was simultaneously joyful and excruciating. On the one hand, I felt I’d finally found and begun to speak in my real voice. On the other, I thought,

“I’m committing professional suicide!”

You know the weirdest part? Mike had persuaded me to work on a charity event with him, so he wasn’t even a paying client! The project involved logo design, event coordination and PR, none of which I do.


So, basically, my concerns of alienating “all those clients” who might hear about Enlightened Marketing and think I’d gone nuts were based on a non-paying, non-client for whom I was doing my non-specialty.

When I realized my concerns were fiction, I snapped out of it. There wasn’t anything keeping me tied to my old corporate identity. It was finally time for Enlightened Marketing to be born.

If you’ve been worrying and waiting to give birth to a new brand or transform your business into a new, more successful iteration, I know how to help you. I’ve been there myself, and I’ve escorted scores of others through this transition.

The Enlightened Marketing brand identity has attracted incredible clients, partners and success into my life that I don’t think I’d have seen without it. And I’d never have been able to bring so much of my own personality to the business.

I want you to have the fullness and authenticity you’re seeking as well. Contact me if you’re ready to start now. Or, hop on my training webinar to find out how to better express what you do in words that attract perfect clients.