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You know those moments when you walk purposefully into the kitchen, then stop and have no idea why you went there?

Researchers at Cornell found that people make an average of 226.7 decisions every day just about food! Obviously, the sheer number of them dictates that most of these decisions must be made subconsciously, out of habit.

In other words, most of the time we do stuff without thinking about it. And most of the time, that works out for us. Can you imagine if you had to consciously think while driving? You’d never be able to steer, drink coffee, talk on the phone and play with the radio at the same time! ;)

But sometimes, all those habits and subconscious decisions stop serving us. Like when you go to the kitchen and totally blank out on why you went there in the first place.

The same things happen when you market your business.

Last week when I sifted through survey responses from my subscriber community, something came out loud clear:

“I want to get clients online, through my website!”

As I read through your answers and talked to my ELITE program members, I was really confused – at first – about why this is such a challenge. Because …

You know the terminology! I was impressed. You wrote about landing pages, funnels, email marketing, signature systems. And you know tactics for sending traffic — like search engine optimization, social media, online advertising, affiliates and pay-per-click.

Yet for some reason the tactics aren’t working for you.

Of course, coaches and consultants build websites and then do online marketing so they can get clients. But is it clear which parts of the website and online marketing play which roles? Is there an overarching strategy for moving a website visitor to subscriber and then to client?

The real-life evidence says no! :(

When I clicked around to look at websites belonging to coaches and consultants, it was pretty obvious to me …

… the website isn’t working to bring in leads and never will the way it’s being done.

And all the traffic, funnels, social media and search engine optimization in the world won’t help.

Why not?

The tactics aren’t working because the fundamental strategy that explains why you’re doing them is missing.

It’s like you got the message to go into the kitchen, but were never told that you’re there to get the scissors, not an apple. You have stop and wonder, what am I doing anyway? And why am I doing this?

You know how to do this.

Zoom out. Waaaay out. Past the ever-changing tactics. Past the latest “guru” solution that will bring you millions in months. Keep backing up until you leave the online world and remember….

When you meet a potential client in person, you feel a spark.

We always do when we meet someone we’re supposed to work with. I’d call it a spark of recognition, and it can occur even before words are exchanged.

Then you take it from there. You know exactly what to do. You follow up. Your person starts to know and like you and trust that you can solve a problem or enrich their lives with your services.

I often say: “As offline, so online.”

Because the online world is so … digital and virtual, we can feel like things done there are nothing like what happens offline.

This is a big mistake.

Let’s go back to that spark of recognition. In just a few seconds, both you and your acquaintance get a flood of input for your intuition to process:

a broad smile – a firm handshake – maybe a hug! – a pleasant smell – a nice suit – cute shoes – eye contact – a look a deep interest – a feeling of calm – a zap of excitement

Online you have 7 seconds to do the same thing.

How does your website measure up to that? Are you giving  that ^^ kind of experience?

When I work with coaches and small consulting firms, I’m always dismayed at how little of their personality, essence and personal brand is reflected in their online presence.

Talking to my perfect clients is enthralling! We laugh a lot. They tell riveting stories about their clients and their lives. They have ingenious solutions. They are anything but boring. And when they get in front of potential clients, good prospects can’t help but fall under their spell.

And sadly, their websites do absolutely none of that, even though…

At its core, getting clients from your website is about creating that kind of real, personal, human connection.

It is THE strategy.

It’s not about LinkedIn. Or search engine optimization. Or funnels. Those are just isolated tactics that must serve an overall strategy in order to work.

So, over the next few days, I’m going to talk about strategy – “what you need to do to get from where you are to where you want to be.”

I’ll also talk about fundamentals – “timeless principles that work (offline or online) to get the results you want.” You’re going to hear about a very small set of specific principles that work consistently to get you clients online.

You will know what to do and why you’re doing it.

You’re not going to hear buzzwords. There’s not going to be any mention of the newest this or the latest that; just a deep dive on these fundamentals.

Coming up next time: the three parts of the strategy for creating a real, personal and human connection online – that enable you to get clients from your website.

In the meantime…

What is your biggest question about getting clients online? Please let me know in the comments below so I can tailor the upcoming training to your questions.