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About Enlightened Marketing

“Enlightened Marketing is for women consultants who are overworking and underearning on projects or clients that are too small to value them.

I help them add $150K-$600K in additional revenues within the first 5-12 months, working exclusively with perfect clients. They experience the joy of flowing their gifts more freely without having to cram themselves into the box of small fees and wear themselves out with overwork.

As a result, they’re able to impact thousands, leave a meaningful legacy and enjoy their beautiful lives.”

– Samantha Hartley, Founder & President of Enlightened Marketing.

Samantha shares, “Why choose Enlightened Marketing?”

I define what really makes us unique as the intersection of Commerce and Spirit; Earth Rules and Magical Thinking. People who are a really good fit for our brand are those who have a foot in both worlds. Earth Rules are the practical things that help us to thrive here like tools, strategies, plans, goals and budgets. Magical Thinking is what I call things that work for us but we’re not always sure why: affirmations, the quality of your energy, law of attraction, meditation, prayer, intuition. For me, it’s the combination of smart head-truths as well as heart-truths.

We attract people who are firmly in an Earth Rules world but want to find more balance and alignment with their true selves by having me help them incorporate Magical Thinking into what they’re doing. I also attract those who are from the world of Magical Thinking and they’re ready to improve their results by becoming more grounded in Earth Rules.

If you are firmly entrenched in one of those worlds more than the other, then you’re probably not going to benefit as much from what we offer, and you might even be annoyed by it. We’re not the right resource for you.

If, however, this description has resonated with you, then it’s likely that you are a good fit for the Enlightened Marketing brand and we for you.

About Samantha Hartley, Founder & President of Enlightened Marketing

Before starting this business in 2000, I worked in international marketing for The Coca-Cola Company in Russia and later led Strategic Channel Marketing for Asia from Coke headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

When I’m not working, I’m in deep spiritual discussions with my husband and our friends or enjoying the beaches and trails with my dogs.

I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College and studied theatre and Russian language in Leningrad and Moscow. I speak fluent Russian and bad French, Spanish and sign language, and was classically trained in French cuisine and patisserie at the Ritz-Escoffier Ecole de Gastronomie in Paris, France. But I still burn toast and pine nuts.

My husband, Christopher, a Spiritual Director, and I live on Martha’s Vineyard , an island off the coast of Massachusetts with our Weimaraner, Eowyn; Staffie, Harriet; and gray cat, Munson.

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