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Need help growing your business?

Enlightened Marketing offers effective techniques that align with your values. Our small business marketing strategies, programs, tools and audios help you clearly communicate what you do so you attract perfect clients, charge higher prices and experience more joy as a business owner.

The Client Attraction Club: STOP the Revenue Roller Coaster

If you’re like most consultants, coaches and holistic practitioners, you’re on a constant hunt for clients and working too hard for occasional big-earning months, followed by periods of uncertainty.

Discover my secrets for consistent, growing revenues on this free training: How to STOP the Revenue Roller Coaster and Begin to Attract a Steady Stream of Clients Using Simple, Mostly-Free Tactics in Just 53 Minutes a Day!

Now you, too, can start filling your pipeline with a steady stream of perfect clients.

How to Create Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages®

Struggling to answer “What do you do?” With my simple system you’ll know exactly what to say to get attention from potential clients and have them reaching for your card in seconds.

Find out more on the free preview training for this results-oriented course. You’ll discover how to create your own Jaw-Dropping Self Intro™ that gets your clients to say “OMG, I need to work with you!”

Proposals That Close 5- And 6-Figure Clients

For Consultants and Coaches who prepare proposals for potential clients, this course will help you craft proposals with confidence and ease. You’ll discover how to close 5- and even 6-figure engagements without spending hours agonizing about what to offer and how to price it.

On this nuts-and-bolts, video-based training, I share behind-the-scenes secrets that cover everything you need to know from client meeting to check in hand.

Not sure what’s next? Hop on a Next Step call …

If you’ve reviewed my website and aren’t sure what’s the best next step for you, hop on a 10-minute call with one of my team. You’ll answer just a few friendly questions and get:

  • Clarity about the opportunities before you
  • Insights about what stands in the way of your achieving all you want
  • A reality check about what you need to do to get what you really want

If you know you need to move but just aren’t sure what’s next, schedule your 10-minute Next Step call here.