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I’ve had the best time this week doing “Jaw Dropping Client-Getting Message” Strategy Sessions with your fellow members of the Enlightened Marketing community.
Craft Your Own Jaw-Dropper
Before I get into what I learned, let me invite you to join us for a webinar where you can learn how to answer “What do you do?” in a way that drops jaws – and attracts the attention of prospective
clients in seconds.
On this info-packed webinar you’ll discover:
** How to explain your full value so your prospects BEG for your business card
** The secret to capturing interest in split-seconds
** The #1 thing that gets people asking you, “When can we start?”
** How to ensure ALL of your marketing messages drop jaws and get clients
Date:  Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Time:  2:00 PM – 3:15 PM CDT
Space is SUPER limited, so please get your spot right now while
you’re thinking about it!
3 Challenges Solopreneurs Have with Marketing Messages
While the theme of my sessions was messages, I also heard about
many issues we solopreneurs face: getting good clients, running the business, the up and down revenue roller coaster and self-care.
These are so much easier to deal with when you know you’re not the only one going through them. So, in the spirit of camaraderie, following are three common challenges mentioned during my strategy sessions. With which of these do YOU identify?
1. “I want my message to spread like wildfire!” You know how people email those silly urban legends or Tweet pictures of dogs in costumes? “I want my message to spread like that.” Sure, we all do. But what does that require?
Something in those messages is offensive, funny, adorable or vital. They’re compelling and relevant to us and – we believe – to those with whom we share them. Can you make your message compelling and relevant? Start by learning what hooked your current clients, and you’ll get clues that may spark your wildfire.
2. “I’m afraid if I focus my message I might miss out on an opportunity.” If you never focus, you’ll miss out on many of
them. The problem with multi-talented people like you is they CAN do so many things that it’s hard to focus on just one audience and just one specialty. Especially if they don’t have enough clients!
But the truth is that it’s easier to teach a single clear message
to a specific audience than to morph like a chameleon into whatever they need once you’re in the door. I know, I know: You’ve seen someone else do it and it works for them. OK, I’m just saying, starting that way now is doing it the harder way.
3. “I (believe I) hate marketing!” I would say, “That’s too bad
because at least of third of what we self-employed do is
marketing, which is a lot of time to spend on something you hate.”
But I know the truth. The truth is that almost no one really hates
marketing. They hate what they THINK marketing is: acting like a used car salesman, walking into roomful of strangers and hoping to leave with a new client, being told, “No, you’re not worth that much money.”
None of those things is marketing. Marketing is offering, teaching
and sharing. It’s keeping your message visible to those who need to know about you. You can always find SOME marketing you’ll like.
Think about how your last 10 clients found you and see which
activity did NOT involve holding your nose. THAT is a potential
tactic for your marketing toolbox.
Boring Messages Make YOU Work Harder
Most everyone I spoke with felt their marketing message just didn’t capture the best of what they do. It didn’t get attention or
interest, and required too much explanation.
Last week we gave you some specific tips and examples of how to
solve that. Now we want to offer you a specific, deep dive on how to craft an answer to “What do you do?” in a way that drops jaws – and attracts the attention of prospective clients in seconds!
Let’s make it easier for you!
P.S. Effortlessly creating Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages is Enlightened Marketing’s specialty – and we’re spilling the beans on how you too can create messages with clarity, confidence and ease.