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Back when reality shows were new and I was single, I took guilty pleasure in watching “Blind Date.”

It was a dating show in which they put two completely incompatible people together on a blind date to see what would happen.

I’m hesitant to share this with you because the show was so awful! But it did make me feel a lot better about my own dates. ;)

My favorite part of the show: Captain Obvious.

His commentary would pop up as a note across the bottom of the screen.

Captain Obvious always had something to say that was astutely observed, very funny and invariably NOT at all obvious to the couple on the date.

Why not obvious? Well, you know about first dates and blind dates. It’s a lot of drama and confusion, hormones and emotion. It’s not easy to have an objective perspective.

When you do have an objective perspective, things tend to be clear. To an expert observer, they even tend to be obvious.

But your perfect clients do not find it obvious

They feel stuck, frustrated and struggling. They may not realize that they can improve their situation – and that you can help them.

You can honor your potential clients with a marketing message that makes it obvious to them they have a problem that can be solved – that their lives can be made better.

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When you name the issues and challenges they’re facing – describing them deeply and specifically – your potential clients experience recognition, acknowledgment and lightbulb moments.

It’s a very kind and generous thing to do – to offer insights to another and to honor the place they are.

It reminds me of my client, Robyn.

She helps her clients recover from debilitating diseases with lifestyle changes. The improvements are so great that many of her clients are able to go off medication, even for dire health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes.

But before her clients see her marketing messages, they often don’t realize they can improve their health. Many of them are told by doctors that complicated regimens of medications with severe side effects are their only options.

The solution is completely obvious to the expert – but not to her potential clients.

On the TV show, Captain Obvious’ commentary was funnier to me than it should have been because he named things that became obvious … after he pointed them out.

For your perfect clients, your compassionate but honest marketing messages alert them to positive changes they could be making in their lives

Believe me, that isn’t obvious to them.

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