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Did you ever see that commercial for DirecTV with the famously ditzy Jessica Simpson?

After she recites all the technical data about HDTV, Jessica looks at the camera seductively and quips, “I totally don’t know what that means, but I want it.”

My “Worst Client” had a similar experience … except in his case, it went the opposite way.

Have you ever given your client advice about how to avoid a mistake ….

… But noticed he STILL felt compelled to do it his wrong way first?

Like many people, my Worst Client insisted on answering the question, “What do you do?” with his label.

A label is what your job title would be, such as holistic health practitioner, management consultant, chiropractor, mortgage broker or life coach.

So what about Mr. Worst Client?

He was a life coach with a spiritual angle.

His own mentor went by the label Spiritual Director, but that seemed too much. So he went with Spiritual Guide as his label. He guides his clients on their spiritual journey…. that makes sense, right?

That “Spiritual Guide” label went down in flames when he tested it out in a networking situation.

After a lot of blank stares and tedious explanations, he finally found someone who was intrigued!

“Oh, you talk to the dead? That’s so interesting!”


Um, no, Mr. Worst Client admitted with a tinge of frustration, he did not. He tried to clarify – about the journey and all that — but it was no use.

Later Worst Client and I laughed a lot about this – perhaps I more than he. ;) Not only had he been mistaken for a spiritual medium instead of a spiritual guide …

… But his new contact actually seemed disappointed that he didn’t talk to dead people!

He didn’t know what “Spiritual Guide” meant – so he didn’t want one.

Answering “What do you do?” with a proper self-introduction is the best way to get the attention you deserve from potential clients.

That’s why I’m revealing the formula for a Jaw-Dropping Self-Intro™ on my webinar tomorrow.

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You’ll discover:

  • Exactly what to say to have PERFECT clients reaching for your card in seconds
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And next time someone hears about your services and says, “I want it!” you can be sure it is actually you that they want. ;)

To your abundant success,


P.S. I know it’s tempting for some to keep trying it the hard way…  like my somewhat uncoachable husband, whom I lovingly refer to as my worst client. OK, mostly lovingly. ;)