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Back in the day when I was just starting out as a consultant, I got roped into an exasperating situation.

We called this client “the priest,” because he always came dressed in black, but with the white top of his undershirt peeking out through the collar of his shirt.

Somehow – my fault from inexperience – the priest got the impression that rather than work with him to develop effective marketing plans, I would just go out and grow his business for him.

He was very proud of his marketing tactics.

Tactic one: send out a roll of duct tape to all the local businesses along with a note about their security risks.

Clever, right?

Tactic two: a cold calling script to make appointments and a PowerPoint presentation for someone else to deliver.

Not surprisingly, neither of these had resulted in any business up until now.

And I was pretty darn sure these ideas would never work. But, being a green consultant, I just didn’t quite feel the authority to tell him so.

Duct tape in the mail? That’s a cute gimmick… but should be – at best – the beginning of a comprehensive follow-up strategy.

Cold calling? Well, first of all, it’s a slow and dreadful way to locate potential clients. Second of all, no one else could ever deliver the stories in the presentation with his conviction and authority.

What would I advise the priest today, with over a decade more experience under my belt?

1. Get clearer on who you’re going after than just “local businesses,” and develop a compelling message that gets them excited to meet with you.

2. Forget about fads and gimmicks like duct tape in the mail or the hottest social media channel today (podcasting! Snapchat!). Chasing fads will wear out your spirit and your bank account. Instead, choose reliable techniques proven time after time to get clients.

That’s exactly what I teach in The Client Attraction Club  – the only coaching club that guarantees clients. If I worked with the priest today, I’d guarantee him clients, too.

3. If you’re new or haven’t gotten the traction you desire, invest in a program with expert guidance, support and accountability so you can focus on strategies that attract Perfect Clients effectively.