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“You want $22,000 … for doing what?”

That’s what a potential client said to Dani, an experienced trainer in the world of corporate people issues, right before showing her the door.

Disheartened by that incident, she wanted to check with me before taking a similar proposal to a new prospective client.

For several months before, Dani and I had worked on defining her brand (business identity) and the Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages™ she would use to communicate it.

As a new consultant, recently cashed out from corporate, she had a lot going for her, but her business had been stuck at an earnings plateau. She was doing well attracting smaller clients but found it hard to land the bigger fish that required more detailed proposals.

And just now I had seen the reason why. It was right there in her proposal, undermining her credibility. Dani thought what you may have thought — that a low price would ensure acceptance of her proposal.


Proposals Don’t Get Rejected (Just) Because of Price

Discover the real reason proposals get delayed, rejected and haggled down to a shadow of themselves in my free report: “The 9X Proposal: How My Client Bid $198,500 Instead of $22,000 and Won In this report, I also reveal:

      • Why proposals don’t get rejected on price (!)


      • The most common mistake torpedoing your chances of getting your proposal accepted


      • Three steps to 9x your next proposal



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