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Back in my corporate days, I traveled from Atlanta to Asia about every 6 weeks.

One trip took me to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a beautiful country with lovely people.

Unfortunately, my suitcase didn’t arrive when I did. This presented me with a BIG problem.

I had a meeting with the local management team the next morning, and The Coca-Cola Company was a strictly “business formal” culture, so my travel casuals just wouldn’t cut it. That meant I was off to a nearby shopping mall.

Boy, did I ever feel out of place.

The longer I shopped, the more empathy I felt for those with different body sizes! Because while I’m on the petite side by American standards, in Malaysia I’m HUGE! It was slim pickings as I rummaged through the Big and Tall section looking for an appropriate suit.

And shoes? Well, they were an even bigger challenge, but eventually I put together an expensive but acceptable outfit… that I never wore again.

Marketing your business is another time when you might feel out of place.

When it seems like you’re the only one who isn’t sure how to find clients.

When you stumble over your self-intro.

Or when you get blank, enthusiasm-sapping stares as you try to explain what you do for your clients.

I was able to leave that suit and those shoes in Kuala Lumpur, but those uncomfortable moments talking about what you do? They can leave an indelible impression… and not the one you’d like to make.

Feeling disheartened by how hard it is to express your full value and attract interest from the right clients?

Imagine talking about your business with confidence – and seeing the eyes of potential clients light up, eager to hear more.

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