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How We Work

We help you use small business marketing strategy that attracts perfect clients.

Discover an authentic identity for your business (brand) and how best to communicate it. Attract new clients, engage your customers and make them eager to do business with you.

Enlightened Marketing’s experts in small business marketing strategy get results. You can expect to:

  • Develop an attention-getting, authentic brand identity that clearly communicates your unique benefits
  • Attract perfect clients who’ll benefit from you, provide testimonials and refer their friends
  • Ask for and receive full value for your services (even premium prices)
  • Realize your highest vision for what your business can achieve
  • Build a sustainable, profitable business that’s a JOY to own!

We bring motivated business owners control, direction, clarity and confidence in their business

Control, direction, clarity and confidence. This is what my clients say they are truly seeking from this process. More money coming into the business is great, but not without these four qualities. So here’s my promise:

  • You will feel an increasing degree of control over the issues that brought you to me.
  • You will know the direction to take your business so that you can achieve what you want.
  • You will feel a renewed sense of clarity about what you are doing, having thoroughly examined and reconnected to your vision, goals and inner guidance. You’ll know what you are pursuing and why.
  • You will feel more confident in proceeding on your own once our work is complete. You will know which strategies and tactics are truly suitable – and will increase sales – for your business.
  • BONUS: You can expect to feel more joyful by this process. My clients frequently experience renewed passion for their work and more attention from the marketplace.

The beliefs and values that guide my work

I believe in the power of business to improve lives, communities and the world. I know a number of people who are using their businesses as a medium for fulfilling their life purposes. Enlightened Marketing is one of those businesses, and my life’s work is to inspire, empower and equip small business owners to do what they love with less stress, effort and anxiety – and without selling out.

I am in business to make a profit, but never at the expense of my values. I don’t want my clients merely to survive in the pursuit of their dreams; I want them to thrive. When you learn to use the processes I recommend, you’ll see that you never have to choose between your values and profits. You never have to compromise or sell out to grow your business. In fact, working from your values will strengthen your business and lead to greater long-term prosperity.

Enlightened Marketing is driven by the values of integrity, joy, service, abundance, empowerment and social responsibility. These values remind me of the need to be true to myself and others, to give lovingly in the belief that everyone has a contribution to make and is deserving of some kind of return, or profit, in exchange. I believe there is plenty for everyone, and I intend to help more people attain their fair share.

What makes Enlightened Marketing unique?

I help my clients blend commerce and calling consciously and effectively. That means enabling you to thrive financially as you deliver your gifts through your business and help others with your unique products and services.

I know how confusing marketing can be to certain businesses and organizations, having worked with a church, a city and non-profits. Some of my clients considered marketing to be a huge mystery until they learned step-by-step how to attract more customers and measure their progress. I love to elucidate the value of marketing to those who just don’t see it clearly or have never been able to apply it successfully.

When you work with Enlightened Marketing, you’ll be equipped with simple, appropriate marketing techniques that work, empowered to achieve your highest potential and inspired to fearlessly deliver your value.

Nothing takes the place of personal experience. I invite you to browse this site, sign up for my free email newsletter, get to know me better and then give me a call to discuss your business.

If you’d to like to learn more about the services and solutions I offer, check out What We Do