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Is This For You?

Get help with branding strategy and learn effective marketing concepts that fit with your values.

Is your business a passion or vocation, and not just a job?

If so, great! That’s how I feel about my business too.

My clients are socially responsible, values-driven small businesses. They include community banks and consultants, holistic practitioners and interior designers, builders and retailers, photographers and financial planners. What they all share is a belief in the power of their businesses to improve the lives of their clients, their communities and maybe even the world.

My clients face common business challenges but need unique solutions. They’re turned off by the idea of manipulative marketing and selling. They want more customers and more revenue, but they’re not willing to sacrifice their integrity to get them.

An effective branding strategy can help you communicate clearly so you attract your perfect clients.

You probably don’t have one.

Not knowing basic marketing concepts puts you at a disadvantage.

Are you struggling with any of these issues?

  • You’re frustrated by the slow growth of your business. You have a lot to offer, but not enough buyers are showing up consistently.
  • You’ve had some success in your business, but you’re not sure exactly what to do next.
  • You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your response to the question, “Why should I choose you over the others?” isn’t getting you the interest – or the business – you want.
  • You find it difficult to articulate the value you offer or to talk about it in a way that gets people’s interest. You’re just not connecting verbally or in print.
  • You’re looking for effective marketing techniques that get results without compromising your integrity. Many aspects of commerce, like coercive marketing and high pressure selling, are inappropriate for your clients. You need non-traditional, innovative solutions.

If you’ve identified with any of the issues above, please continue reading – and know that you’re not alone.

Clients come to Enlightened Marketing when:

  • They are strongly motivated to grow their business.
  • They can’t find enough people to buy what they offer.
  • They want more effective ways to communicate their value to potential customers, and to connect with those who want what they offer.
  • They need a marketing plan that will work when business is booming and when business is slow.
  • They are willing to make marketing an ongoing activity, an integral part of their business. They’re ready to serve more people, make more money, be more successful, and feel inspired doing it!

Who is most likely to benefit?

My most successful clients are great at what they do and committed to ongoing improvement. They come to me open-minded and ready for results.

They are willing to let go of “the way we’ve always done it” and are open to trying new approaches.

They expect honest feedback and clear direction about how to achieve their business goals. To hold to my own standards of integrity, I need to be able to tell my clients the truth. Your willingness to hear the truth will move your marketing efforts ahead quickly and effectively.

Sometimes clients are ready to grow, but not quite ready to do the work. For your project to be successful, and your investment to produce a return, you will need to be ready for both growth and the work required to make it happen.

Now that you know more about the type of clients I serve and the issues I help them resolve, take a look at How We Work.