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Success Stories

Celebrating Success: Small Business Case Studies

Read about the results we get for clients just like you.

Every client we work with is unique and so are their challenges, the process we take them through and the results they achieve. As you read these client case studies, you may very well recognize some of the dilemmas you face in your own business.

Case study #1: Rebranding after partner buyout

Carol Rogers wanted to grow her company, Millennium Payroll Solutions, LLC. She and partner Neil Denman had bought out a third partner and were looking for ways to increase their visibility and attract new business. While Millennium was stable, it wasn’t growing like Carol and Neil knew it could. Read the story.

Case study #2: Personal branding pays off

April Ambrose had identified the next step in her career path: a great job with a national environmental non-profit. April knew that, as an applicant, she would remain an undifferentiated commodity until she could clearly express what made her unique and the preferred choice. She wanted a job and a salary that reflected her strong qualifications. Read the story.

Case study #3: New owner, existing business

When the owner of a hip, college-town salon abruptly moved, Anna Bryant jumped at the chance to buy the business. Existing businesses have clientele, employees, and identities – but not always the ones you want. Our goal was to define the brand and create a clear vision for a successful salon. Read the story.

Case study #4: Can you “brand” a city? Yes!

The City of Conway had grown from 5,000 people to more than 50,000 over a relatively short period of time. City leaders knew that Conway needed an identity – a brand – that reflected the progress that had been achieved in the community and the attitude of the people who lived in the diverse and vibrant city. And, they needed their new brand to carry them into a bright and vital future. Read the story.

Case study #5: Partnering for success

Shawn Solloway applies his creative genius to developing marketing and advertising for clients around the state of Arkansas and beyond. When he needed to help a client develop their brand strategy – the foundation of any effective advertising campaign – he partnered with Samantha Hartley. Read the story.

Discover for yourself how Enlightened Marketing can transform your brand and business. Contact us today to start a success story of your own!