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Just these 3 things to get to the Turning Point?

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I appreciate every single one of your survey responses, comments, and emails.

Full disclosure: both Andy and I broke our resolution NOT to read email or work on the weekends and were texting on Sunday while I was at my birthday brunch with my family. We were enthralled by your responses to our last email …

Before we move on to the three things that keep solopreneurs in perpetual struggle – just three things that a select few use to blast past overwhelm to the Turning Point and into mid six figures, there is a really big misconception out there that I want to clear up.

You Can’t Get to the Turning Point with Struggle and Overwhelm (There Is a Simple Solution, Though)

There. I said it. You can’t get to the Turning Point with struggle and overwhelm.

Unfortunately, this means that a lot of talented people are robbed of the chance to share their gifts of the world.

There’s this rumor out there that struggle gets rewarded. That if you’re busy and really trying and learning, you’ll be successful.

For nearly everyone, that simply isn’t true.

Working Hard Is NOT the Same as Struggling

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” But it kills most businesses before they ever reach the Turning Point.

Struggling in your business might not kill YOU, but it may well kill your business.

Roy Baumeister’s studies in clinical psychology have shown that willpower is subject to exhaustion. You can, quite simply, use it up. Think of it like a muscle. When you train a muscle just right, mixing exertion (struggle) with rest (ease), the muscle gets stronger and stronger. If you overexert your muscle – struggle TOO much – you cause injuries and go back to square one.

What does this mean for your business?

When you feel like you’re running out of time, like you can’t find the right words to attract clients, and you’re overwhelmed by thousands of things to consider, learn and develop – your business is in danger.

That perpetual struggle is unsustainable.

Running Out of Time and Money Is NOT an Option

If you’re a member of the Enlightened Marketing community, then you’re in business because you know your perfect clients need your help.

Shan helps free her clients from eating disorders.
Aamer liberates his clients from stress that is leading to heart attacks.
Steve is helping hospitals hire STARS so they can deliver extraordinary care and save lives..
Anjel helps bright children who are struggling with reading and spelling thrive again in school… and in life!

These “whys” are critical. This is NOT optional. Your perfect clients can’t afford for you to run out of time, money or willpower before you reach the Turning Point.

Your Turning Point (THE Resolution to Perpetual Struggle)

Last week I shared with you how there are three things that keep solopreneurs in perpetual struggle – just three things that a select few use to blast through overwhelm to the Turning Point and into mid six figures and more.

But I got ahead of myself! I didn’t define what the Turning Point is.

The Turning Point is different for each one of us. And yet it’s also UNIVERSAL – and it does take the same three pillars to get there.

The Turning Point is when you get flow. Momentum.

When the boulder you’ve been pushing starts to roll forward on its own.

When you are excited about the people you are helping with your products and programs.

When you have a steady flow of clients and customers who want to purchase what you are offering.

When your business is making the income you desire – whether that’s $50k, $150k, $500k – or beyond.

Three Pillars to Reach the Turning Point

As I said, there are three pillars without which no business will ever reach the Turning Point. We even have a handy little formula for it:

MBI + CAS + SBM = The Turning Point

And I realized that there’s only ONE realistic path to get each pillar in place.

I’ll get to that one path, but let me start with some examples of the pillars.

Enlightened Marketing community member Ellen sees her Turning Point just ahead.

How can she tell she’s getting there? The self-proclaimed “technical dinosaur” has begun earning leveraged revenue by serving clients in group teleseminars. Clients and JV partners are saying “Yes” to her unique skills and perspective. (Ellen’s got SBM)

Enlightened Marketing community member Shan sees her Turning Point this way:

“It has literally manifested my PERFECT clients and effortlessly repelled those with whom I do not jive. GOTTA LOVE IT!! Its like my own personal ‘bouncer’ and VIP red carpet… all running on autopilot ;)” (Shan’s got MBI)

Enlightened Marketing community member Steve H sees his Turning Point this way:

“I find myself working with more people right now than I have ever worked with at one time and I love it.” (Steve’s got CAS)

The Formula for Reaching the Turning Point Is Pretty Simple

MBI + CAS + SBM = The Turning Point

MBI = Your Magnetic Business Identity (and the Jaw-Dropping, Client Getting Messages an MBI generates).

The first thing that keeps solopros in perpetual struggle is not having a clear brand, or identity, for their business. Struggling for words to attract the right clients and finding yourself unable to connect with perfect clients so they say, “I need to work with you” are the clearest signs your business identity is working against you.

With a Magnetic Business Identity, you have exactly the right words to say when someone asks “what do you do?” and finding clients who are a perfect match for your talents becomes much easier.

Best of all, infuse your own YOU-niqueness into your business so you stand out while being authentic and true to yourself, bringing joy to your heart and attracting clients you LOVE.

CAS = Your Client Attraction System.  

The second thing that keeps solopros in perpetual struggle is not having at least one surefire method for attracting clients. Every successful solopreneur knows numerous ways to generate $1000, $5000 or more in new business as needed.

A Client Attraction System is the key to ensure that when you invest your time, money and effort, you get clients on demand, with confidence.

SBM = Your Sustainable Business Model.

The third thing that keeps solopros in perpetual struggle is being trapped in a “trading time for money” model.

Whether you are talking about a lifestyle business, passive income, recurring revenue, multiple sources of income… This is it.

Every successful solopro has several ways to earn that are NOT dependent on his or her time. These amplify your impact while increasing your freedom. Talk about win-win!

Step-by-Step = Working SMART

The formula MBI + CAS + SBM = The Turning Point is pretty simple.

So simple that it might actually annoy the heck out of some readers who’ve been struggling a long time with these issues – lack of business identity and message, lack of reliable client attraction methods and lack of a sustainable business model.

Remember what I said about struggle versus hard work? In fact, I don’t even like hard work – I prefer SMART work.

Smart work is making everything that goes into your three pillars — MBI + CAS + SBM — systematic and step-by-step, with checklists and fill-in-the-blank templates. THAT approach

  • Saves time
  • Provides clarity
  • Give you consistent, predictable results and
  • Gets you to the Turning Point.

This formula is the simplest way to move your business forward with time-saving, clear next steps.

My Dilemma (And How You Can Get My Roadmap to The Turning Point without Pulling Out Your Credit Card)

Here’s the deal. I’m fired up about this! You can probably tell. ;-)  I’m already creating templates in my head and making this simpler to implement than anything I’ve ever done.

But I don’t want to run down that path without you. I don’t have spare time to create free stuff!

So here’s what I want to know: do you even want this thing (i.e. my roadmap to the Turning Point)?

If you DO want my roadmap to the Turning Point, please say so by getting on the “interest list” here. Just enter your email address below BEFORE Monday. (If I end up making it I’ll send it to you at the email address you list below).

If you and enough other people get on the “interest” list (I’m thinking around 500), then we’re good to go. I’ll use the email here to send it to you.

If not, then no hard feelings. :)

To your abundant success,

Samantha Hartley
Founder & President
Enlightened Marketing

P.S. Whatever you decide, I need you to take this away from this article: there are NO successful businesses who lack a strong brand, a reliable client attraction system and a sustainable business model. None.

If you don’t get on our interest list for my free training program, please find a way to improve these aspects of your business. Your perfect clients are searching for you!