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“Don’t they already know that?” Tom will ask.

My client Tom is a retired engineer and now a business owner. We get into some lively discussions about what to say in his marketing messages.

Engineers are some of my favorite clients. Like finance, IT and other left-brained professionals, engineers are usually super smart and pretty direct. They get to the point.

Unlike my loquacious right-brained friends and me, engineers are concise in their communication, and sometimes that can be a problem.

Like the question above, “Don’t they already know that?”

I want Tom to share with potential buyers not just the features but also the benefits of the product he invented:

What will they be able to do with it, and how that will help them and how they will feel about that?

Tom thinks it’s self-evident. Obvious. Like he is telling them something they already know. And that seems … insulting, maybe.

Sure, everyone knows the benefit of a remote control is that you’ll be able to operate your TV from your sofa.

And they know a smartphone combines 50 devices plus the whole internet so you can ….

So you can …

Hm. So you can what? What are the benefits of a smartphone? If I listed my top 3, would they match your top 3? Are there people who have yet to find any benefits of a smartphone?

Even though we tell them the features of our product, the benefits are not obvious to the buyer.

We don’t want them to have to figure out what they are.

So we tell them exactly what we believe the benefits to be. And you know what? Later, when we do surveys, they will tell those back to us verbatim.

Even better, when they talk about your brand to their friends, they will know exactly what you want them to say. As long as they agree and truly DID experience those benefits, the language to name them will be top of mind.

What if you’re selling consulting or coaching services?

Tom is lucky – his product can be seen and touched and tried out. Watching them use it, he can come up with a list of benefits his buyers receive.

It can be a bit challenging to name the benefits of a product, like a smartphone.

But an intangible thing – a service like coaching – how DO you come up with and explain those benefits?

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