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RELAX (800x671)I didn’t set out to prove my own advice.

I was merely traveling to visit distant relatives for Thanksgiving. But, sure enough, I got to see it work like a charm.

Which advice? Oh, only the most fundamental of the principles I teach. It’s my “if you take nothing else away, at least be sure you do this” advice.

Before I get into exactly what you need to do, let me illustrate it with what happened at Thanksgiving.

We drove with my brother- and sister-in-law to her aunt and uncle’s house. For the first time I was meeting the Italian side of the family. (And yes, they served ravioli with the turkey!)

Over the course of the day, we got to know everyone. And, as you know, the most common question to ask a new person –– or family member — is, “What do you do?”

Well, that’s where I was set for success. One, because I have a prepared, easy-to-deliver answer to that question …

And two, because I’d already been told that Uncle is a successful entrepreneur. ;)

My answer got his attention and led not only to a lively discussion with product demos, but to an appointment later today.

This can happen for you, too – but ONLY if you’re prepared for these moments with your own Jaw-dropping Self-introduction.

A compelling answer to “What do you do?” will get your potential perfect clients to say, “OMG, I need to work with you!”

That’s exactly what I’ll be teaching on my free training, “How to Create Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages™”.

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You’ll discover:

  • EXACTLY what to say to have perfect clients reaching for your card in seconds
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  • How to go from self-intro to “OMG, I need to work with you!” with messages that explain your full value without any icky selling

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The most fundamental of the principles I teach is … to ensure that friends and family always know what you do. Let them know what makes a good referral for you and you’ll find you get enthusiastic cheerleaders marketing your business for you.

And, as in my case, you might even get them as clients. That’s MUCH easier with your own Jaw-Dropping, Client-Getting Messages™.